Sacred Femininity Peru

A shamanic retreat into presence, healing, yoga, dance & embodying the divine in all of her forms.

 July 1st–July 13th, 2020  

Open, invoke, heal, inspire, empower, manifest


Sacred Vally of Peru

Machu Picchu

Cusco & Temple of the moon




3 star Accommodation of Queens

All of the travel details carefully taken care of for you



3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Sweat Lodge

Despacho Ceremony for the earth

Integration Sessions

Daily Yoga, meditation & pranayama in Nature

 silent portion of retreat

 Goddess Ceremonies

Mystical Dance


13 Days/12 nights


3 Star Hotels

Minimum 6
Max 12

Within the pristine natural beauty and elevating energies of the sacred valley of Peru, we will join our hearts in a circle of sisterhood and embark on a transformational journey into our true nature. Exploring the depths of body, mind, and spirit through 3 sacred plant medicine shamanic ceremonies, we will delve deep into ourselves to heal what remains hidden and empower what yearns to come into fruition. Balancing shamanic ceremony with visits to sacred sites, daily Yoga, meditation, and dance, we will safely unveil the layers of illusion and resonate with our hearts’ truest frequency.  

Our journey will be guided by the Goddess energies of Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati. As we integrate and embody these energies, we will be moved to  cut away layers of illusion, open our hearts, empower intention, and unveil the Goddess within.

About the Ceremonies

Ayahuasca is a power plant medicine from the Amazon jungle that is utilized for healing and unifying aspects of ourself that remain otherwise hidden. 

It is a tool through which we may delve deeply to clear away “stuff” that prevents us from living in out true higher selves. We may experience detoxification of our mind, body, and emotions. We may receive greater clarity of our purpose and gifts to share with the world. 

Our ceremonies are lead by experienced shamans that hold impeccable space for us as we undergo our journey into the sub- and super-conscious. 

Working with mother ayahuasca is a serious initiation and is for those who are in place of maturity and strong practice in our lives.  It is a medicine to heal all of humanity, but not everyone is ready for it. We would love to chat more with you about whether it is the right time for you to undergo this profound healing and transformation. 

About the Practice

This is a life changing retreat designed for those that wish to know themselves on a deeper level and make practical changes to realign with their true selves. No experience in Yoga, or meditation is necessary. No belief system is needed, or favored by us-  we simply ask you to show up with a positive, authentic intention, and a willingness to experience what the journey offers you. 

For deepening the experience, we will utilize a blend of the following techniques and practices: 

YOGA– Our sessions offer a fusion of modern anatomy perspective and flair, with ancient tradition, philosophy, and authenticity. Morning classes are generally a dynamic vinyasa flow, while evening classes are more relaxing and meditative. Each class includes modifications for beginners and those with physical restrictions as well as options for those who wish to take their practice to a more physically challenging level.  There is a strong focus on presence, healing, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation. 

MEDITATION-We will facilitate daily meditation techniques in a group setting, as well as a practice for you to cultivate on your own. This includes moving meditation, mantra, walking, yantra, white tantric, yagna (fire ceremony), tratika, and Hridaya. These techniques help to focus and calm the mind so that you may experience the grace of meditation. You are also free to practice any meditation technique that you are currently already using. 

MYSTICAL DANCE-Kristie will be offering an assortment of dance, healing movements, invocation, and group processes to open up to the divine feminine that inhabits each one of us.  These sessions include the dance of the 7 veils, dancing the archetypes, opening the senses and many other lovely surprises. 🙂

DAILY GROUP SHARING-Each woman will have an optional 1-2 minutes to share from their heart and be completely heard. This reflective presence is a catalyst for growth, evolution, understanding and healing. 

About Accommodation & Food 

Accommodation for this Journey is in our 3 star private Retreat Center. You will travel as the Goddesses that you are and stay in extremely beautiful and unique places. We carefully select accommodation that is safe, secure, with supportive beautiful energy, a home-like atmosphere, great support staff, and inspiring of spiritual practice.

Food in Peru is AMAZING!!!  We include happy healthy food that makes your body and mind feel great. You will be eating detoxifying vegetarian. The meals will support the activities of the journey, and are a nutritious mix of local cuisine with some western favorites. We often share many dishes and get the opportunity to sample the incredible cuisine of Peru. Other times you may just choose from a set menu. There will always be plenty of food to sample, and you will definitely like something being offered.

**Most allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated. 


    Brief Itinerary

    Day 1- Pisac

     Arrive in Cusco  by 1pm-Private Transfer to Hotel in Pisac. Group meeting and Retreat opening, meditation, and Invocation

    Despacho Ceremony with Qero Shaman delicious vegan dinner  

    (We recommend arriving a day before the retreat begins to rest. If you decide to do this, we will help you to organize all the details)

    Day 2-Pisac
    Morning Yoga and Meditation. 

    Sweat Lodge and Countryside Exploration

    Option to visit Pisac Market

     Day 3- Pisac

    Morning Yoga and Meditation Freetime to relax and reflect on intentions

    Evening Ayahuasca Ceremony

    Day 4- Pisac

    Yoga and Meditation


    Hike to Intihuatana Ruins

    Day 5Morning Yoga and Meditation

    Evening Dance of the 7 veils and ayahuasca ceremony

    Day 6- Pisac

    Relaxation and Integration session

    Evening Moving meditation and dance

    Day 7-Pisac-Day of silence

    Morning Yoga and Meditation 

    Visit to Kinsacocha Lakes

    Day 8- Pisac

    Daytime Ayahuasca Ceremony

    Day 9-Pisac

    Integration and reflection 

    Day 10-Moray and Ollyantaytambo

    Depart for the amazing Incan agricultural experimentation site of Moray. Hike and make an offering to mother earth. Visit Ollantaytambo ruins and evening train to Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu 

    Day 11-Aguas Calientes /Machu Picchu

    Explore the powerful and amazing site of Machu Picchu. Hike to Huayna Picchu and Temple of the Moon

    Evening free time to Explore

    Day 12-Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu to Cusco

    Depart on morning train to Ollantaytambo and onward to Cusco

    Visit the Temple of the Moon in Cusco and have our retreat closing

    Day 13- Cusco

    Final morning together 

    Free time and Farewell 

    The investment for this journey is $2650


    • 11 Nights Deluxe Shared Accommodation (single is available for $790 more) 
    • 2-3 meals per day (Healthy Vegetarian-with most dietary restrictions accommodated)
    • 3 ayahuasca ceremonies
    • sweat lodge
    • All activities listed on the itinerary
    • Despacho Ceremony
    • Personalized Yoga/Meditation Classes
    • Group Sharing/integration Sessions
    • Personal Support for deeper processing
    • Transportation throughout the journey (Beginning and ending at Cusco airport)
    • Experienced professional guides and teachers with you each step of the journey 
    • A tribe of amazing seekers and life long friends

    Does not include

    • Visas
    • Souvenirs
    • Tips/gratuities
    • International Airfare
    • Travel Insurance
    • Extra meals/Snacks/Alcoholic Drinks
    • Optional Spa treatments

    Your Sacred Femininity Guide

    kristie lonczak Yoga adventure retreats

    Kristie Lonczak

    Our Fearless founder and lead trip facilitator

    Yoga Teacher, Rock climber,  mystical dancer, and Seeking Adventures Visionary 

    Kristie is passionate about travel and mindful of even the smallest of details. She  carefully curates each trip  as a balance of inner and outer seeking. Amidst the movement of traveling throughout each amazing country we visit, she balances our outer journey with inner practices of self discovery, Yoga, meditation, silence and stillness.

    Each trip is crafted in order to provide seekers with an abundance of authentic powerful experience that may facilitate inner growth and change. Her trips are full of heart, presence, adventure and the perfect amount of going beyond comfort zones.  

    She believes that the magic of travel is in the experiences of culture, nature, community and consciousness. She balances careful planning with the adventure of the unpredictable beauty and lessons that occur in each country we visit.