Lotus of the Desert

A women's Journey through Rajasthan

January 12th – January 29,  2020 

The lotus has its roots in dark murky waters, yet still grows towards the light and blossoms where it has been planted.



Blue City of Jodhpur

 Taj Mahal, 

Camel Safari, Jaisalmer

Sacred City of Pushkar

 Mystical Delhi

Accommodation of Queens



Daily Yoga in  Nature

 meditation, sadhana, pranayama

 Goddess ceremonies

Mystical Dance


18 Days/17 nights


3-5 Star Hotels

Minimum 4
Max 12

With mother India as our supporting guide and teacher, we will experience an inner journey towards greater self knowledge, clarity, and personal empowerment as we adventure through the colorful, vibrant, exotic Indian state of Rajasthan. In moments of self introspection we will retreat into silence, yoga, meditation, sacred ritual, dance, and group alchemy.  In other moments, we will live with presence in the movement of life amidst ancient temples, exquisite palaces, sacred waters, never ending deserts, smiling camels, and exuberant locals. 


The Lotus of the Desert Retreat is a powerful exploration of the divine feminine and how she manifests within  us. It is a chance to discover how each one of us may grow into our abundant potential and fully bloom where WE have been planted in our lives. It is a unique opportunity to travel as a group of women, in sisterhood, supporting one another as we open and flower as the radiant beings that we are!


About the Yoga,  meditation and dance

About Accommodation and Food 


*There will be daily or twice daily Yoga, meditation, and mystical dance classes

Day 1- Delhi

 Arrive in Delhi by 1pm-Group meeting, Retreat opening, meditation, and Invocation, Delicious Indian dinner. (We recommend arriving a day before the retreat begins to rest. If you decide to do this, we will help you to organize all the details)

Day 2-Agra/Taj Mahal
Morning train to Agra to visit the beautiful and inspiring Taj Mahal. Tour the incredible monument, Agra fort, and busting Indian Town. Return to Delhi for evening in Delhi.

 Day 3- Delhi to Pushkar

Travel by evening train and taxi to the the Sacred Brahma city of Pushkar- Pushkar is a quaint desert oasis situated around a beautiful Lotus-shaped lake. It is the only holy place dedicated to the creative force of Brahma and is powerful pilgrimage site. Upon our arrival, we will deepen our journey with a sunset Yoga practice, meditation, rest, and exploration.

Day 3-7-Pushkar

Supported by the oasis’ high spiritual vibration, we will balance our time between inner exploration, and connection to sacred desert sites.  In Pushkar, we will have sunrise and sunset hikes to the mountain-top temples of the Goddesses Gayatri and Savitri/Saraswati. We will visit the rose gardens and see how they make rose essential oil. We will explore flower markets, the Shaktipeeth Goddess Temple, ashrams from the Satya Yuga era, meet Potato Baba,  and meditate in the Brahma Temple.

Day 8 Pushkar to the Blue city of Jodhpur

Travel by afternoon train and arrive in the quaint and beautiful garden hotel in Mandore.

Day 8-11 Jodhpur

Here we will practice resting in an inner state of silence amidst the bustling Indian City. We will explore the winding streets of the blue city, visit Mehrangarth Fort, and head out on safari to visit local artist villages, Bishnoi (peaceful Jain people) villages, and view local wildlife.

Day 11 Jodhpur-Jaisalmer 

We will arrive via train with the sunset in the Golden Living Fort of Jaisalmer. We will have the chance to stay in a beautiful  5* boutique hotel just outside of the fort.  Here we will experience traditional Rajasthan life, cuisine, and customs.  We will explore ancient temples and cobblestone streets. Our Yoga practice will be set high upon the rooftop, overlooking the beauty of the fort and Indian Life.

Day 12- Jaisalmer

Freetime to relax, grab a spa treatment or simply be transported back in time as you wander the enchanting streets of Jaisalmer.

Day 13-14-Camel Trekking Jaisalmer-

This phase of the journey will be a chance to experience the profound silence of the Desert Landscape as we travel upon camels into some of the more remote areas of Rajasthan. We will visit local villages, move through breathtaking landscapes, and sleep on sand dunes beneath a sky of infinite stars. On the final day of the trek, we will return to Jaisalmer for restorative yoga and relaxation.

Day 14-16-Jaislamer

Return to our boutique hotel for queensReturn to Jaisalmer for embodying abundance.- Delicious Food, shopping, Integration. Opportunities to take more time for relaxation, deepening into meditation Yoga, and dance.

Day 16-17-Delhi return

Travel to Delhi Via overnight train

Day 17-18- 5 Star Mystical Delhi
Morning arrival in Delhi.  Experience the spiritual aspects of Delhi as we integrate our experience of moving meditation within the Lotus Temple, Riskshaws, markets, busy streets, and delicious restaurants. Here we will have our retreat closing and Integration back into the world


Does not include