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Consciousness, connection, Nature, Culture



Seeking Adventures’ Yoga adventure trips facilitate inner change that result in external life transformation. Our trips will take you to breathtaking locations, push you out of your comfort zone, and offer exhilarating new inspiration.You will leave our journeys with fresh insight, reconnection, expanded presence,  fierce empowerment, and lifelong friendships with your new global tribe.

Our trips leave the realm of “tour group” far behind as we evolve into a new genre of group journey. We utilize travel as a means of personal and spiritual development.

Journeys with us are fun, inspiring, empowering, insightful, adventurous, transformational, expansive and enlightening

Our moving Yoga retreats are designed to be a simultaneous inner and outer journey, a meditation in movement. We will not only travel, play and explore unique aspects and locations of each country that we visit, but we will also maintain a daily yoga/meditation practice, push our limits in outdoor adventure, have group sessions, take time to set intentions, have insight discussions, create ceremonies, experience the sacredness of the locations we visit, connect to nature, AND share a beautifully conscious experience with a group of fellow seekers.



Art heals, moves, creates, empowers & heals


Guided Art Creation, Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Silence, Rejuvenation 

Luxury Accommodation, Sacred City of Pushkar, Taj Mahal, Mystical Delhi

Seeking Adventures and Artist Alma De La Melena Cox will be joining their magical creative forces in India to offer this unique Artistic Yoga Goddess journey. Blending daily guided creative artistic expression, with travel, Yoga, meditation, dance, and silence, you will journey deep into yourself, move through hidden blockages, inspire your purpose, explore your spirit’s personal symbols, your innate preferences, your natural creative expression, live within silence, and create from the inside out. 

Delve deeply and create from your true self through a guided experiential journey into art, intuition, meditation, silence, Yoga. and India! 

Harmonizing Yin and Yang


Guillin, Yangshuo, Longshen Trekking, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chinese Medicine Treatments, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Chinese Cooking Class, Traditional Tea Ceremony

This unique and powerful journey explores the balance of yin and yang through outdoor adventure, yoga, meditation, cultural immersion, and silence.  We will undergo a transformational trip within the fairytale landscapes of Southern China. As we merge our daily meditation and yoga practice with the traditions of Taoism, and awe-inspiring adventure, we will come closer to understanding how to maintain an inner state of balance and peace. Throughout the journey we will move towards achieving a state of harmony within the mind-body-soul, work-family-spiritual life, and the inner masculine-feminine. This journey will help you to experience a profound state of peace, inner strength, and equanimity.

Kristie lonczak yoga trip india

Lotus of the Desert, India

The lotus has its roots in dark murky waters, yet still grows towards the light and blossoms where it has been planted.


Yoga in  Nature, Daily meditation Mystical Dance, Accommodation of queens

Blue City of Jodhpur, Taj Mahal, Camel Safari  Jaisalmer, Sacred City of Pushkar

With mother India as our supporting guide and teacher, we will experience an inner journey towards greater self knowledge, clarity, and personal empowerment as we adventure through the colorful, vibrant, exotic Indian state of Rajasthan. In moments of self introspection we will retreat into silence, yoga, meditation, sacred ritual, dance, and group alchemy.  In other moments, we will live with present in the movement of life amidst ancient temples, exquisite palaces, sacred waters, never ending deserts, smiling camels, and exuberant locals. 

“Mountains are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.”


Guided Rock Climbing, Hiking, Yoga, Meditation, Wine Tasting, Villages, Castles,  Barcelona, Cuenca, Albaracin, Margalef

Join us for a life changing experience in Spain. This beautiful country offers an abundance of unique cultural and natural treasures. With its charming villages, vibrant artistic cities, and inspiring rock formations; it is the perfect landscape to balance our silence and stillness, with our fiercely empowered warrior spirit.

Yoga and rock climbing complement each other in an extraordinary way. This retreat is perfect for everyone….from experienced climbers wishing to reap the benefits of Yoga and  climb the world class rock in Spain….. to Yogis or Yoginis who have never touched a rock wall but hear the call to get a little fiercer and take their “yoga and meditation” to the rocks ….. to those who have neither climbed or practiced Yoga, but wish to have a life transforming experience in Spain.

shamanic Yoga Peru


Open, expand, invoke, empower, love, manifest, enlighten, evolve.


Yoga in  Nature, Sweat Lodge, Daily meditation, Mystical Dance, 

3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Despacho, Powerful Incan Sites Sacred Valley Peru

Within the pristine natural beauty and elevating energies of the sacred valley of Peru, we will join our hearts in a circle of sisterhood and embark on a transformational journey into our true nature. Exploring the depths of body, mind, and spirit through 3 sacred plant medicine shamanic ceremonies, we will delve deep into ourselves to heal what remains hidden and empower what yearns to come into fruition. Balancing shamanic ceremony with visits to sacred sites, daily Yoga, meditation, and dance, we will safely unveil the layers of illusion and resonate with our hearts’ truest frequency.  

Sacred Valley Shamanic Adventure, Peru

Open, expand, invoke, empower, love, manifest, enlighten, evolve.


Trekking, 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Daily Yoga & Meditation, Homestay on Lake Titicaca, Despacho Ceremony, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Ollantaytambo, Cusco

Experience, expand, learn, grow, and LOVE!  An adventure throughout the spiritual, natural, and cultural highlights of southern Peru. Breathe deep as we explore the tranquility of the highest navigable lake in the world. Recieve the blessings of the mountains of the sacred valley.  Explore the magical vortexes of Machu Picchu. Open your heart and mind through shamanic ceremony.

Pamper Yourself like the queen that you are

Yoga, Luxurious Spa Treatments, Meditation, Complete Relaxation & Self Care

Sacred City of Pushkar, Taj Mahal, Mystical Delhi, Rishikesh

Total Focus on yourself. 

Kristie Ganga meditation

Mystical Meditative Northern India

A meditative adventure into presence


Authentic Yoga & Meditation, White Water Rafting, Trekking, color festival of Holi, Tibetan Uprising Day, Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Norbulinka, Golden Temple of Amritsar, Taj Mahal

Balancing a simultaneous inner and outer journey, our Northern India Retreat will explore the theme of presence as we move from the chaos and hidden mysticism of Delhi, to the majesty of the Taj Mahal, the shores of Mother Ganga in Rishikesh, to the Golden Temple of Amritsar, to the higher Himalayas of the Dalai Llama’s home in Dharamsala.

You will learn to experience greater awareness with our daily practice of sadhana (spiritual practice) that includes Yoga asana, pranayama, mantra, and silence. With support from each other and the powerful spiritual energies of the Himalayas, we will live our moving meditation exploring sacred sites, busy marketplaces, outdoor adventures, satsang with spiritual masters, and the simple craziness of life in India.

Private Getaways to Washington and British Columbia Wine Country


Private Custom Yoga US and Canadian getaways for you or a small group of friends. 

Private Yoga in Nature, Daily meditation, Wine Tasting, Luxury Accommodation, Lake Excursions, Beaches, Outdoor Adventure 

Okanogan, Chelan, British Columbia 

Perfect for a bestie yoga retreat, bachelorette getaway, family vacations, reunions, or even just for yourself.  

women's retreat thailand

Meditation In Movement
~Yoga Rock Climbing Journey~ Thailand

Journey between movement and stillness as you immerse yourself in the pristine natural environment of our secret island climbing hideaway.


Private Yoga in Nature, Daily meditation, Guided Rock Climbing, Kayaking, White Sand Beaches, temple visits, ocean excursions

yoga adventure retreats peru

We at Seeking Adventures understand that not all of our scheduled retreats fit everyone’s vacation time frame, level of luxury, itinerary wishes, or even the desire to travel with a group of people they have never met.


For those who would like a more active role in their journeys, we offer private, custom, and co-creative retreats.


These trips offer you the freedom to go at your own pace, set your theme based on your intentions, choose your budget, dates, fellow travelers, and level of luxury…all  accompanied by the peace of mind brought by your  private Yoga teacher and guide that is with you each step of the journey. 


Connect with us for your perfect trip of a lifetime. 

Yoga Kinsacocha 5 lakes Pisac Peru

Co-Creative Retreats & Expert Trip Planning


Are you ready to share your Yoga classes, Teacher Trainings, and practice on a deeper level?

Is your heart calling you to bring a group of students to one of our awe inspiring destinations but your not quite sure on the logistics and local authentic experiences?

Seeking Adventures would love to be your support staff and logistical experts!  We can create based on your dates, level of luxury, budget and itinerary focuses. 

Be stress free and do what you love most- TEACH, while we handle all of the details of running an amazing , successful and life-changing retreat or teacher training.     

Give your students a trip of a lifetime AND Yoga classes with YOU!!  


Connect with us to create your perfect retreat or teacher training!