Authentic meaningful travel-hand crafted just for you


“Namaste” -The divine in me bows down to the divine in you, and when we are both in this sacred place, we are one.

India offers a kaleidoscope of sensory experience that you will never forget.  Experience the birthplace of yoga, as you encounter Rishis, Gurus, and other spiritual masters.

 Open your heart in devotion with Bhakti, and cleanse your karmas with a bath in the Ganges River. Go camel trekking in the deserts of Rajasthan, and dance through ancient temples and romantic palaces.

 Breathe in the intricate combination of spices, incense, chai, and more curries than you can sample in one journey. 

Dance to the Tablas, and mingle with multicolored cows. Connect to the divine essence through sacred offerings and fire ceremonies. Meditate with the support of the elevating spiritual energies of the Himalayas and the temple of the Dalai Lama.


“Ayllu Masicunapaq”– We are family

You are invited to feel the heartbeat of Pachamama as you journey within the transformational vibrations of ancient civilization and the tranquility of nature. Tap into ancestral memory as we explore Incan ruins and trek along their magical pathways. Allow your heart to be opened with the revelation of the mystery and mystical experience that mother earth offers each one of us. Receive the blessings of the Apus (holy mountains), purify your sprit within sacred waters, and express your creativity through illuminated art.  Experience the expansion and unification of your heart and consciousness within sacred shamanic ceremonies of healing, reconnection, prophecy, integration and celebration!


Harmonizing Yin and Yang

Kayak down the Li Jiang River through 70,000 Limestone towers, bamboo forests and lounging water buffalos.  Push the limits of your mind and body as you rock climb in Yangshuo, Explore quiet  authentic village life as you trek through alongside the rice terraces of Longshen.  Practice Taichi with the locals, or  flow through sun salutations with the rising sun.  Experience your inner balance of strength and surrender…masculine and feminine…Yin and Yang.


“Las montañas son las catedrales donde practico mi religión.” – Mountains are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.

Join us for a life changing experience in Spain. This beautiful country offers an abundance of unique cultural and natural treasures. With its charming villages and inspiring rock formations, it is the perfect landscape to balance our silence and stillness, with our fiercely empowered warrior spirit.

Wake up with a deep breathe of lavender and orange blossom scented air. Push far beyond the limits of your mind and body as you climb high, and gracefully grapple with world class Spanish limestone cliffs.  Experience yourself wandering sleepy village cobblestone streets towards hillside medieval castles. 

Take another deep breathe as you push past the crux of the hardest (or first) climb you have ever attempted.  Open your heart, consciousness, and body with Yoga in the magic of the countryside.  

Gaze out into the inviting waters of the Mediterranean Sea sipping a glass of Spanish wine. Rest well in the quiet of the mountains as you prepare for another day of life to its fullest possibility.

Washington State

The wine country of the Okanogan Valley of Eastern Washington is abundant in natural beauty, sunshine, beautiful lakes, and a much slower way of life. 

It is the perfect location for an intimate bachelorette retreat, family vacation, or girls weekend getaway. 


“Om Mani Padme Hum”  – Behold the jewel of the lotus

Breathe in the fresh ocean breeze and salute the sun as it rises over the ocean. Push the boundaries of your mind and body as you climb limestone karst towers and kayak the islands of the Phagnan Bay.

 Awaken to the sounds of the jungle in your floating bungalow, and gaze up at the Milky Way. Learn to cook delicious Thai cuisine, and sip on a fresh coconut while relaxing in a hammock.  Silently sit within a Buddhist temple, and experience the healing benefits of traditional Thai massage..

 Enjoy the elevation of your spirit as you connect to the overflowing abundance of life, beauty, and peace in this incredible natural environment.