Yoga Adventure Travel & Retreats for the Seekers, dreamers, visionaries… adventurers.

Conscious Yoga Adventure Trips

Transform through travel to unique, awe-inspiring, life changing destinations.
Delve deeply into nature, culture, consciousness, and your Self.
Seek for something more.

We are the seekers- those who feel the call to experience & unveil the great mystery of life, the universe, & ourselves. 

We are moved by truth, authenticity, intuition and the subtle pulse of life itself.
Nature is our temple and all of life is our school.
Travel is a shimmering mirror that leads us deep into our-Selves.
Love, peace, & service are our purpose and we are grateful for all that is.

With unique small group Yoga journeys to Peru, China, India, Spain, Thailand, Washington, and beyond,  you are bound to find the perfect trip for you!

Backpacking, Luxury, and boutique 

Check out this page with a complete listing of all of our current journeys.

ALL RETREATS by Seeking Adventures

Magic, evolution, beauty, and fun manifest when women come together in sisterhood.

Dance,  meditation, Yoga on rooftops, Goddess Embodiment, healing, celebration

 Join us for one of our goddess retreats for a deep dive into the feminine.

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Rock Climbing, outdoor adventure, Yoga and meditation complement each other in an extraordinary way. 

These trips are for those who seek to immerse in nature, jump out of  comfort zones, and push  through boundaries.

All experience levels welcome! 

Take me sky high 

Feel like you seeking in 5 star style mixed with adventure?…. our luxury trips are for you!  

These retreats are the perfect balance of pampering and seeking. Disconnect from busy life and retreat into rest and ease.

Yoga, Meditation, Rejuvenation, Spa Treatments, Luxury Travel

Take me traveling 5 star style

Head out on a privately guided  retreat solo, with your family, best friends or significant other.  

Choose your own dates, level of luxury, focus of retreat,  sites to be experienced, and adventures to be lived. 

 Delve into a private journey perfectly created and guided just for you!

Customize me

Seeking Adventures loves to co-create with other teachers and groups! Give your students a trip of a lifetime AND Yoga classes with YOU!! 

Be stress free and do what you love the most -TEACH!….while we take care of all the logical details! 

Co-Create with us

Discover the world... and more of yourself

For those who want a deeper travel experience.

Offering our expertise ~18 Years of Guiding Life-Changing Retreats
~16 Years of teaching Yoga & Meditation
~45 years of experience Rock Climbing







& Beyond

with you for each part of your journey

Presence and Attention to details

Affordable meaningful travel

Evolution and Adventure are at the core of our mission


Seeking Adventures was born out of the inspiration to use travel as a means of personal evolution, empowerment and expansion. The intention is to create an environment of spiritual travel where conscious people come together to undergo a deeper journey into themselves. It is a result of a marriage of travel, spirituality, and outdoor adventure.

Seeking Adventures offers an opportunity to cross into the lessons and unique richness that each culture and country has to offer. We will share with you our favorite places, teachers, and locations that have inspired great personal change within us, and others.

Our outdoor adventure retreats, luxury yoga travel, women's trips, and private yoga getaways are moving yoga retreats. They are exciting adventures. They are transformational journeys that delve into a new frontier of hand crafted, meditative travel for seekers of self and adventure.

kristie lonczak Yoga adventure retreats

Kristie Lonczak

Our Fearless founder and lead trip facilitator

Yoga Teacher, Rock climber,  mystical dancer, and Seeking Adventures Visionary 

Kristie is passionate about travel and mindful of even the smallest of details. She  carefully curates each trip  as a balance of inner and outer seeking. Amidst the movement of traveling throughout each amazing country we visit, she balances our outer journey with inner practices of self discovery, Yoga, meditation, silence and stillness.

Each trip is crafted in order to provide seekers with an abundance of authentic powerful experience that may facilitate inner growth and change. Her trips are full of heart, presence, adventure and the perfect amount of going beyond comfort zones.  

She believes that the magic of travel is in the experiences of culture, nature, community and consciousness. She balances careful planning with the adventure of the unpredictable beauty and lessons that occur in each country we visit. 

Alma de la Melena Cox_thejoyofsoul


Art Retreats, co-creator, trip leader

Artist, manifester, women’s empowerment advocate, spirit listener, best selling author

For 20 years, mixed-media artist and author, Alma de la Melena Cox, has taught hundreds of people at art retreats and in her home studio in Portland, Oregon. She shares her gifts of artistic expression (and technique)  with love, joy, and presence. She masterfully guides her students to connect with the voice of their soul in order to  manifest, express and live from that sacred place.  

Alma’s revolutionary artwork inspires spirituality and connection with self. Her work has been featured on television, publications, and is in collections worldwide—from San Francisco to Japan.

She created an art process that brings fabric and paint together on wood. She is the author of Collage Fusion:Vibrant Wood and Fabric Art Using Telamadera Techniques and the transformational novel Calling Dolores  Alma has honed her expertise in digital art, photography and video  to integrate these with the mixed-media techniques she teaches.

Her website is thejoyofsoul.com. To see more work, visit Instagram: @folourbliss and Pinterest.


testimonials from our travelers

Our extensive expertise will create the perfect space for you to expand your comfort zone and delve more deeply into yourself

“The care and attention to detail provided from the time I booked my trip to throughout the journey is unprecedented. 

Kristie led our group with an open heart, flexibility, mindfulness and presence and she created an environment that was receptive to and respectful of the diverse people within it. 

The adventures, experiences, and growth as a result of this journey have been transformative. I have nothing but gratitude.”

Julianna V

Traveling through India with Kristie and Chris was a beautiful and unforgettable journey. Our trip from Delhi, to Rishikesh, to Dharamsala and back was exciting, adventurous and challenging.  

Kristie and Chris were fabulous guides — they knew all the most delicious restaurants, the best shops, the most interesting events to attend, and the best places to stay. 

Because of their familiarity with the magic and unpredictability of India, they dealt with any hiccups that came along with positivity and confidence.  I felt safe traveling with them, which was important to me as a single female traveler.

I would recommend Seeking adventures to anyone who is ready for a fun-filled, heart-opening adventure of a lifetime! 


Lotus of the Desert Retreat was for me, a trip of a lifetime. Our group was in very capable hands with Kristie as our guide. I told her many times, ‘I could not have done India without you.’ 

As a developing country, India is not for the faint of heart. Kristie is a savvy, expert traveler. Like a Lotus growing firm the mud, she gracefully draws forth a profound, tangible, spiritual experience from the inherent chaos and cultural quirks of India. She handles the details, train schedules, and activities deftly.

I felt safe in India—on a desert safari, negotiating streets at night and on remote hikes with Kristie leading us. Kristie’s contacts are all lovely people I trusted and was happy to give my business to. It’s obvious she draws to her like minded and spirited people because she is genuine, generous and kindhearted. 

Our group was a special blend of gifted, soulful women who were a joy to share this big journey with.


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